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Connie Henke Yarbro Oncology Nursing History Center

Featured image is from Katherine Nelson photographs, 1947-1980.

Connie Henke Yarbro Oncology Nursing History Center Digital Collections

The Connie Henke Yarbro Oncology Nursing History Center digital collections contains hundreds of digital objects including photographs, textual documents, 3D objects, sound recordings, and moving images, with new items frequently added. Items that are in the public domain, or for which we have permission from the copyright holder, may be viewed on our Digital Collections Portal. Items with limited access due to donor restrictions, copyright status, or privacy considerations are described online and viewable in our reading room by appointment.

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Access and use of the Center’s digital collections are subject to the Terms of Use, which are available here:

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1/30/24, 9:19 PM

2/28/24, 4:51 PM

Jeanne Quint Benoliel (December 9, 1919 – January 23, 2012) served as a military nurse early in her career, then went on to conduct a longitudinal study of women's experiences one year following a mastectomy in 1961. Jeanne was a pioneer in nursing research and was pivotal in the development of the nurse researcher. Her later research focused on the influence of life-threatening illnesses on patients, families, and healthcare providers.

4/23/24, 7:41 PM

2/8/24, 3:02 PM

From MS 1: Early History Nursing Pioneers collection

1/5/24, 7:05 PM

3/4/24, 1:43 PM

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